Remanufactured Cat 3512 

Caterpillar 3406 reman

Caterpillar 3208 reman

Caterpillar 3408 reman

Caterpillar 3306 Reman

Caterpillar 3512

Cat 3208 Marine                                               

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Remanufactured Caterpillar Industrial Offerings:

Caterpillar 3054
Caterpillar 3056
Caterpillar 3116
Caterpillar 3126
Caterpillar 3176
Caterpillar 3196
Caterpillar 3204
Caterpillar 3208
Caterpillar 3304
Caterpillar 3306
Caterpillar 3406
Caterpillar 3408
Caterpillar 3412
Caterpillar 3508
Caterpillar 3512
Caterpillar 3516
Caterpillar 3606
Caterpillar 3608
Caterpillar 3612
Caterpillar 3616
Cat C7
Cat C9
Cat C10
Cat C11
Cat C12
Cat C13
Cat C15
Cat C16
Cat C18
Cat C27
Cat C32

AND most other models (particularly heavy-duty engines)

Complete, long block,short block engines.

your choice of all OEM or aftermarket Parts

We can build to match your engine's specification's.

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Generous core acceptance.
All work completed by certified builders in the U.S.

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engines in stock

New Remanufactured
Cat C32 marine engine
1100 H.P.
$118,500.00 SOLD


Cat 3116 $5650.00  Sold        $1000.00

Cat C12 $6650.00           $1500.00 core
Cat C12 $6650.00           $1500.00 core
Cat 3408 $13,500.00   SOLD    $5000.00 Cat 3176 $5250.00            $500.00 core

Cat C7 $6650.00              $1000.00 core Cat 3406E $7250.00  SOLD      

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